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MYSTERY SOLVED: How black holes are formed finally REVEALED

THE mystery of how black holes are formed has plagued scientists and astronomers since Albert Einstein first predicted them in 1916 with his Theory of Relativity.

But now, 100 years later, experts may have finally solved the mystery of how supermassive blackholes got so big.

Experts had previously held two common theories about how supermassive black holes become the interstellar giants that they are – either they have always been as big as they are, or they started out minuscule and grew rapidly.

Italian scientists now have the answer.

Andrea Ferrara from the Scuola Normale Superiore in Italy said: “There is a lot of controversy over which path these black holes take.

“Our work suggests we are converging on one answer, where black holes start big and grow at the normal rate, rather than starting small and growing at a very fast rate.”

However, the team is yet to discover a “black hole seed” big enough to create a supermassive black hole – some of which grow as big as 17 billion solar masses.

But scientists predict it is possible for supermassive black hole seeds to be created by merging clouds of gas, created


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