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Now Islamic State uses KITTENS & SWEETS to lure vulnerable would-be jihadis into the cult

THE Islamic State is taking advantage of the internet’s kitten craze to lure vulnerable would-be jihadis to take up arms.


The terrorist cell’s propaganda machine has gone into overdrive, showing militants holding cats in a bid to make life under the so-called caliphate look appealing.

US Assistant Attorney General John Carlin warned British security experts that ISIS believes “kittens sell” and is using them to entice new recruits.

The fanatics are also using pictures of Nutella and soft focus shots of jihadis giving sweets and candy floss to children to suggest life is peaceful under the barbaric regime.

Carlin, America’s most senior national security prosecutor, highlighted the difference between ISIS’ savage execution videos and its recruitment campaign.

He said: “The recruitment videos, for instance, there is one that shows a young, charismatic terrorist filmed in soft lens literally handing out cotton candy to children.

“And that’s its image of what life will be


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