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UK: Muslim chef with bottle covered in fecal matter in kitchen “didn’t use toilet paper for cultural reasons”

“‘Most shocking, Mrs Clinton found in the kitchen under the double sink an empty plastic milk bottle that was extremely dirty and covered in brown fingerprints,’ he said. ‘He filled it with water from the kitchen sink and used it to wash his bottom after toileting. He didn’t use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Mrs Clinton concluded the brown finger prints were faecal matter. He said he needed to remove the faecal matter from his body after using the toilet. So a bottle used for his cleaning his bottom found inside the kitchen where food is prepared.’”

Cultural reasons? More like religious reasons. Islamic reasons (Istinja is cleaning oneself after urinating and defecating):

A hadith has this exchange:

Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid said: “They said to Salman, ‘Your Prophet taught you about everything, even defecating?’ So Salman said, ‘Yes. He prohibited us from facing the Qiblah when defecating and urinating, performing Istinja with the right hand, using less than three stones for Istinja, and using dung or bones for Istinja.’” — Jami` at-Tirmidhi 16

So one must use at least three stones. And regarding water:

Narrated Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said: “This Ayah was revealed about the people of Quba: In it are men who love to purify themselves. And Allah loves those who make themselves pure (9:108).” He said: “They used water to perform Istinja so this Ayah was revealed about them.” — Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3100

So using water for this is praiseworthy. Stones



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