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WATCH: Egyptian TV Commentator – Israel Blew Up EgyptAir Plane, Defense Minister Resigned Because He Protested Plan

TEL AVIV – An Egyptian political commentatorsaid on national television that Israel, the “filthy Zionist entity,” is behind the tragic crash of EgyptAir Flight 804.

“All the evidence indicates that the filthy Zionist entity is behind the (EgyptAir) plane crash, and time will prove me right,” Nabih Al-Wahsh told Egypt’s Al-Asseema TV on May 20 in comments translated by MEMRI.

Even though the exact cause of the crash is still unknown as the search for the Airbus A320’s black boxes continues, it is widely believed that Islamic terror is behind the blast.

Al-Wahsh, however, believes that Israel was behind the blast, but it wasn’t caused by a bomb on the plane.

“They used a missile,” he said.

He then launched into a vitriolic rant about Israel, much to the dismay of his host, and even blamed Israel for the spread of AIDS in Egypt.

“I call upon any Egyptian or Arab man who comes across an Israeli person to kill him and mutilate his body,” he shouted, over the host’s vain attempts to urge him “not to call for violence.”

“There is no such thing as ‘not calling for violence.’ We pay by the same token: Violence for violence and filth for filth. The despicable Zionist entity does not abide by norms or agreements. It exported AIDS into Egypt, as well as aphrodisiac bubble gum, and all kinds of catastrophes,” he added.

Al-Wahsh, who is also a lawyer, recounts how he has fought legal battles to “abolish the shameful” Egyptian peace treaty with Israel.

He then outlined his plan for dealing


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