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What This Nazi Did In The War Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold


Adolf Eichmann, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, became an infamous figure after his heavily publicized trial and execution in Israel in 1962. Eichmann joined the Nazi Party and the SS in 1932 while he was living in Austria. In 1933, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) was banned in Austria following civil war clashes between the State and the Social Democratic party in Linz. Most of the  Austrian members emigrated to Bavaria after the ban, to the heartland of the NSDAP.

The following year he was accepted into the ranks of Sicherheitsdienst, the SD or the Nazi Security Service, where he was appointed the head of the department responsible for Jewish affairs—especially emigration issues, which the Nazis encouraged through violence and economic pressure. He became a notable figure in the Reich, mainly for his skills in the organization of transport and logistics needed for the mass deportations of Jews.

Eichmann, together with his staff, planned how to run the ghettos; his pre-war occupation concerning the deportations was mainly concentrated on drawing plans for the future Jewish reservations, as the Jews were to be banished, first to Nisko in southeast Poland and then finally to the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. None of these plans were carried out after it became evident that the war effort was not going as planned.

In January 1942, the Eastern Front was crumbling and it was obvious that the Nazis were not going to hold the Soviets much longer. Meanwhile, Eastern Europe was housing most of the displaced Jews and the question arose ― is it time to intensify the extermination before these territories fall within the reach of the Soviet Union? On that occasion, a conference was summoned in Wannsee, on January 20th, 1942.

The conference was headed by Richard Heydrich, Chief of the Reich Main Security Office. The main reason the conference was held was that Hitler, after the US entered the war, decided to conduct the Final Solution during the ongoing conflict and not afterward, as


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