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“We are halal-free and we sell pork sausages” – Pub next to mosque causes uproar from Muslims in Norway

Next door to the pub is the Somali mosque in Sarpsborg.


Shoaib Sultan, advisor at the Norwegian Centre against Racism, wonders why the owner has placed this signin such a prominant position.

– It is clear that he sold alcohol in a pub. The question is why he feels he must write it on a slip of paper. There is also no such thing as “halal-free” halal is not an ingredient, says Sultan

– Had this been a kiosk where you sold pork and people constantly came over and asked about halal, would I understood that they had a need to inform, for example by hanging up a patch. But that is not the case in this matter.

– Perhaps a provocation?
Because Shoaib Sultan does not know the story behind the sign, he finds it difficult to say .

But I can get the impression that this is primarily a provocation. Or maybe it has something with the clientele at this pub?


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