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Muslims ‘refugees’ begin arriving in Texas, with many of its residents in an uproar fearing security disasters

By Lynn Woolley


Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – People in Syria have it bad – really bad. Their strongman leader, Bashar Assad, is a bloody dictator who has not backed down in the face of a civil war. As Syrians try to escape the carnage, some of them are being placed in Texas. Texas leaders are rightfully wary and worried.

This is what President Obama wants

In the wake of Islamic terror in Boston, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and other places, Texas leaders are wary. However, no matter what Texas does, the refugees keep coming. In December, Texas filed a lawsuit. But U.S. District Judge David Godbey rejected the state’s request for a temporary injunction.

Now, Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued a legal opinion saying that conditions attached to federal refugee dollars are unenforceable. Paxton’s ruling will not likely have much effect. In these frequent battles with conservative states, the Feds typically win.

In fact, the Feds typically IGNORE the states

It happens over and over. Arizona tried to enforce immigration that the Obama administration wouldn’t. Instead of going after illegals breaking our laws, Obama went after Arizona as it was trying to enforce them. It’s nuts.

This is one major reasonEven now, the Justice Department is in a lawsuit battle with the state of North Carolina over tranny bathrooms. I can guess which sides will win. The concept of a federal system with states having powers not allocated to the federal government has all but died under Obama.


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