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Like most of you, I held out hope that the new Taliban leader would be one of those moderate Taliban. You know the ones who only stone women half to death and only throw half a grenade at American soldiers. Sadly though, the new Taliban leader, like every Taliban leader ever, turns out to be one of those hard line extremist meanies.

The selection of a hard-line cleric as the new Taliban chief on Wednesday all but dashes U.S. President Barack Obama’s hopes for opening peace talks before he leaves office, one of his top foreign policy goals, current and former U.S. defense and intelligence officials said.

And that was such a realistic goal. Up until now attempts to negotiate with the Taliban proved utterly useless. Despite Biden’s promises about all the moderate Taliban just waiting to chat us up.

The Taliban leadership council tapped Mullah Haybattulah Akhundzada, a conservative Islamic scholar from the group’s stronghold in southern Afghanistan

As opposed to the liberal abortion and gay rights Islamic activist whom Obama was hoping would get picked.

U.S. officials had called Mansour a major impediment to peace talks, and some had expressed hope his death would eliminate an obstacle to peace negotiations between the Taliban and the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

Pop quiz. Do you know what the impediment to peace talks with the Taliban are? The Taliban.

Instead, some experts said, Akhundzada is likely to pursue aggressive attacks throughout the summer, intensifying the pressure on Obama to reconsider his plan to withdraw U.S. military trainers and special forces and leave the decision on how to end America’s longest war to his successor.

Withdrawing from Iraq worked so well. Why not try


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