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A SYRIAN ‘refugee’ could be DNA tested in a bid to try and stop him bringing over his 20 children to collect European welfare

A SYRIAN migrant who claims he is too sick to work could be DNA tested in a bid to try and stop him bringing over his 20 children and three wives to Europe.



Daham Al Hasan outraged the public by claiming denying his sprawling family access to Europe and its welfare system was breaching his human rights.

If they settle, he will be eligible for more than £21,000 in handouts every year in child benefits alone.

This didn’t stop the 47-year-old making comments that he did not agree with Western culture.

Furious politicians have now demanded the Syrian migrant undergoes a DNA test to prove they are blood-related before they are able to settle in Denmark.

Liberal Eva Kjer Hansen said: “The way he talks about Danish society, and his perception of rights, is extremely provocative.

“I think think DNA testing should be considered to be certain that they are his children.”

Danish People’s Party’s Marie Krarup also wants the family to be DNA tested.

She said: “I want those children DNA tested. And I think that only children from one of the three mothers, the mother who is already in Denmark, should be reunited. The other children should not be here.

“I basically think that the family reunification rules are wrong. It should not be have been possible for him to take the children here.”

The hardline politicians also stated to local media they would dedicate themselves to ensuring the rules on family reunification and the rules of child support are changed after this case.

Al Hasan, who fled war-torn Syria two years ago, arrived in


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