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Crack Dealer Obama Released From Prison Murders Woman And Her 2 Young Kids…


In an effort to make the criminal justice system ‘less racist,’ Barack Obama’s administration has sought lenience for “non-violent drug related crimes.” As a consequence, Wendell L. Callahan, a known drug- dealer, was released four years earlier than he should have been, and as a result, a mother and her two children lost their lives.

According to the press release filed by Franklin County Prosecutor, Ron O’Brien,

It is alleged that Callahan broke into the apartment and brutally stabbed all three victims and that Hammond’s current boyfriend arrived at the home to find the bloody crime scene, at which time a fight ensued between the men.  Callahan fled the scene and was apprehended shortly thereafter.

Callahan is currently facing the possibility of receiving the death penalty.

The reason that Callahan was allowed out of prison early was S.1789, the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. The law, that was passed while Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, and Barack Obama was sitting in the Oval Office, increased the amount of controlled substance required for the imposition of the mandatory minimum prison terms for trafficking.

In other words, thanks to the Democrats that were in charge at the time, ‘non-violent drug dealers’ like Callahan were able to be in possession of even more drugs before the mandatory prison sentence kicked in. He


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