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Obama Says Dropping Bomb on Hiroshima was “Evil,” Fiery Tweet Responds ‘We owe no Apology’


Earlier today, President Obama decided to fire up his “apology” tour with a stop in Hiroshima, Japan where he referred to our dropping the atomic bomb as “evil.”

As you can imagine, this is not sitting well with those of us who understand history and the horrific impact the attack on Pearl Harbor had on our nation.

It’s spitting in the face of those who died in that attack and all who served during World War II, and quite frankly the president should be ashamed of himself for slamming our nation for taking actions that were clearly justified.

This one tweet sums up everything that needs to be said quite nicely.

I don’t believe our country has a single thing to be sorry for here as it was Japan who attacked us first and woke the sleeping giant.

They are responsible for the blowback that occurred from their actions, and them alone.

Was it horrific and awful that it happened? Most certainly. No one who is morally upright likes war or violence of that magnitude, but retaliation was necessary


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