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WATCH: Anti-Islam protests turn into RIOTS as violence erupts between rival rallies

ANTI-ISLAM protests ended in bloodshed after fascists and anti-fascists violently clashed in rival rallies in Melbourne.

More than 400 people, many concealing their faces with hoods and masks, had to be separated by 500 riot police in Coburg as anti-racist and anti-Islam protestors brawled in the streets.

Demonstrators from the True Blue Crew and the United Patriots Front were marching for Stop the Far Left protest clashed in the streets with protestors from the No To Racism rally as the two events were held at the same time.

During the savage confrontation a police officer was injured after being exposed to pepper spray.

Commander Sharon Cowden condemned the clashes, calling the violence and inappropriate behaviour “cowardly”.

She said: “We saw inappropriate and often cowardly behaviour with people wearing masks and hiding their identity.

“People hide their identity and I believe it makes them more violent when they are on the streets.

“What happened today is not



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