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Belgium: 7-Year-Old Brutally Attacked for ‘Not Believing in Allah’


The violence, brutality and supremacism start early in Islam. Or will the apologists for Islam say that the Muslim child who beat up his classmate was a “misuderstander” of Islam?  Can you magine what this prodigy will grow up to be? I can see him now, at the ……. Bataclan.

Google translate:

Brussels: a 7 year old child hit because he did not believe in God,, June 4, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

IL a few days ago, Nazim (borrowing name) was a victim of a violent attack in the playground of his school in Brussels. The cause of the attack, a small single sentence: “I do not believe in God.” For the father of the child, Tahir (borrowing name) is a sign of a lack of tolerance of some religious to laypeople.

He was attacked in school.

It is talking with another child, a Muslim, that the little boy of 7 years, Nazim (borrowing name), said he did not believe in God. A statement which did not please his classmate the same age who would then slapped and beaten and kicked. “This is a shocking act,” growls Tahir (borrowing name), the father of the victim. “For this little boy can not not believe in god. It is forbidden, “says Tahir. “We who are lay people and we educate our children the freedom to make their own ideas about religion.”

The child who hit Nazim is known to have in school behavior problems. The latter’s father was summoned by officials of the Catholic school


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