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ISIS fighters are now recruiting at Swedish Youth Centers, as local authorities do nothing to stop it

Staff at the state’s youth centers for refugees has in recent years noticed an increase in cases where residents sympathize with violent Islamist extremism, including the terrorist group IS. The conclusion comes from a report submitted to the government, reportsSwedish Radio.


– It’s a fairly new phenomenon in recent years. There are more young people now who are interested in the Islamic State or are talking about IS when they stay in the special youth homes, says Margareta Wihlborg, of the National Board of Institutions:

– It’s about young people talking about their interest in IS and that they want to go there and fight, to boys who actually say that they have fought in Syria (for IS) before they came here.

How do you handle it?

– We are trying to address it, we try to talk with the youths. But we have a problem because we need to know more, and be more certain when addressing it, she says.

Now remember that many of the “boys” or the so-called unaccompanied refugee


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