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Broke ISIS resorts to fining people for leaving doors open, trimming their beards and failing on-the-spot Sharia law quiz to line its coffers

  • ISIS is issuing fines to citizens for breaching bizarre rules to boost coffers 
  • Offences include leaving doors open and failing random Sharia law tests
  • Fines can also be issued for trimming beards and wearing tight clothing 
  • A new report has revealed that the terror group has lost a quarter of revenue in the past year  

The Islamic State are so broke that they have resorted to fining its citizens for minor ‘crimes’ such as not closing doors and failing on-the-spot Sharia law tests.

A new report on the terror group has revealed that as ISIS continue to lose ground across Syria and Iraq, they have lost a quarter of their revenue.

And with the number people living under the control of the Islamic militants dropping from nine million last year to six million this year, they are now issuing fines for minor offences.


According to the report compiled by global think tank IHS, one of the new taxes includes fining citizens $100 (£69) for leaving their front doors open.

Other fines relating to social behaviour include fining men $50 (£34) for trimming their beards while women can be forced to pay up $25 (£17) if their cloak is too tight.

Women can also be fined $30 for leaving the house without wearing socks and gloves and any females revealing their eyes will be punished with a $10 (£6) penalty.

Other bizarre offences include putting a bell around a sheep’s neck, which carries a $10 (£6) fine and confiscation of the animal.

In addition, any Islamic State citizen, who fails to answer a question during a spot test on Sharia law, is fined $20 (£14) per wrong answer.

Meanwhile any non-Sunni Muslims and anybody who previously worked for the Iraqi or Syrian government must buy a ‘repentance’ certificate costing between $200 (£138) and $2,500 (£1,722).

Ludovico Carlino a senior analyst at IHS told Market Watch: ‘Taxation makes up about 50 per cent of the Islamic State’s monthly revenue sources and encompasses almost every aspect of the population’s life.

‘Taxes are imposed by a central


The report comes after Iraqi forces launched a ground offensive last month to recapture the key city of Fallujah from ISIS.

Yesterday, on the city’s northern edge, Iraq’s military issued a statement announcing ISIS had been pushed out of the neighbourhood of Saqlawiya.

The statement also said an Iraqi flag had been raised above the area.

However the main push



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