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CHRISTIAN grocer HACKED TO DEATH in attack by DEVOUT MUSLIMS in Bangladesh


Another story that will never see the light of day. Instead, we are force-fed a daily diet of imaginary islamofauxbia stories churned out by a complicit and corrupt enemedia. The ghastly slaughter of non-Muslims in Muslim countries is at record level.

I publish these stories every day. The difficulty is in keeping up. I cannot get to them all so rampant is Islamic supremacist slaughter. Despite the tower of skulls, it is the victims who are to blame. Somehow, some way we upset the Muslims and so we deserve the unspeakable sharia punishment.

“Christian grocer hacked to death in attack by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh,’ | By By Rob Virtue, World | News | Daily Express, June 5, 2016

A CHRISTIAN was hacked to death by a group of unidentified murderers in a brutal killing in his grocery store.

The attack comes amid a host of aggression against religious minorities by secular activists [sic] in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.The 65-year-old was killed in the village of Bonpara, home to the oldest Christian communities on the island state.Shafiqul Islam, deputy police chief of the surrounding Natore district, said: “Sunil Gomes was hacked to death at his grocery store just near a church at Bonpara village.”

It comes just hours after the wife of a top



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