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MSNBC Blames Israel for Getting Shot by Terrorists


Newsbusters was quick to pick up on the story, noting that both Mohyeldin and Fletcher ranted about Israel’s “right wing government” and about “Palestinian frustration,” even as the Palestinian terror organization Hamas announced more attacks to come, and Palestinians celebrated the murders with cheers, fireworks and apparently even cookies.

In reality, both of Mohyeldin and Fletcher’s claims are simplistic and incorrect: the makeup of any democratically elected government does not justify terrorism against that country’s people, meanwhile Hamas has stated clearly that this attack was due to false claims of Israeli violations at the Al Aqsa mosque, rather than “frustration” or the makeup of Israel’s government. Hamas has used this excuse for terrorism frequently in the past.

But more importantly, where in the world is it acceptable to blame terror victims for having been attacked? And why cover up the Palestinian joy over successfully committing murder? Is MSNBC really so eager to blame Israel?

Ayman Mohyeldin has a history of inaccurately targeting Israel and justifying the acts of terrorists: last October he spent several minutes explaining on-air that a Palestinian man was “un-armed” at the


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