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SWEDEN: Muslim youths are now just burning cars in broad daylight, with no fear of the authorites


STOCKHOLM: In the middle of the day five cars were put on fire in the southern Stockholm suburb of Alby. Several fire trucks, police cars, and even a police helicopter were deployed during the drama.

– There are witness statements that two ran from the scene, says Sven-Erik Olsson at Stockholm police command center, to the Swedish newspaperNyheter Idag.

New unrest has hit the southern Stockholm suburb of Alby, after five cars were set on fire in a parking lot in broad daylight on Sunday. Criminal youths become braver due to the discovery that the police are way too few, and thus the chances of getting caught are very slim.

The cars that were burned were apart from each other but in the same parking lot. When reporters from the newspaper arrived at the scene, a large group of residents in the area had gathered to look at the devastation.

– Five cars are burnt out and then some have heat damages, a couple or three at least.

The police thought of using a dog patrol to look for suspects, but there were too many people at the scene that it would make sense, says Olsson.

Also last night a car burned in Alby.

During the night a car burned in a parking lot in a residential area, not far from the place where today’s drama unfolded. Sven-Erik Olsson can not say whether it has any connection, but he hopes that there might


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