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Obama Didn’t Call Florida Governor After Attack, But Guess Who He DID Make Time For?


According to this, Florida Gov. Rick Scott – as of yesterday – said that Obama hasn’t called him since the horrific events in Orlando.  Basically, he hasn’t taken the time out of his days since the weekend to call and spend five minutes on the phone with the governor since the worst terrorist attack on US soil since September 11, 2001.

Perhaps he’s been too busy reprimanding the gun industry.  Or spending his time crafting speeches to let all of us everyday Americans know that in the wake of these terrible tragedies, we all need to pray for OURSELVESto change.  Because WE are somehow a huge chunk of this radical-Islamic-terrorists-are-killing-innocent-Americans problem, at least in his very distorted vision.

I suppose with all of that going on, there’s just no time to pick up the phone and and call Florida Governor Rick Scott to offer support and condolences as our American


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