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A new level of insanity hits Sweden as Muslim refugees will now be housed on a luxury cruise liner; and the Swedes are furious

Yesterday, the huge “refugee-ship” Ocean Gala arrived in Sweden, a former luxury cruise ship.


Ocean Gala has place for 1790 refugees/migrants and has docked in the small community of Utansjö, where people are furious.

– Utansjö is far too small to accommodate so many, says Erik Sjölander, who lives in Utansjö.

– An asylum accommodation at an old industrial quay will only create a lot of problems for everybody except those who get paid, says Lars-Gunnar Hultin, a politician who also lives in Utansjö.

– What would the asylum seekers do here, it can not be a serious approach. Utansjö has already taken responsibility. There are 150 asylum seekers here already. We can not receive more, says Hultin.

A perception that the two share with many in the area, who yesterday witnessed the arrival of the vessel.

The municipality are now working intensively to try to stop the plans for an asylum accommodation onboard the Ocean Gala in Utansjö.

– We are completely taken by surprise. The port owner commits a crime, it has never happened before in Sweden, and it is very unfortunate. If the vessel remains, we will require a planning permission, and there must be a new plan for the accommodation. Today, the area is industrial land, says Fred Nilsson, who is councilor of Härnösand.

He confirmed that a police report has been filed.

Kjell Tandberg, who is representing Floating Accommodations Sweden AB, which has hired Ocean Gala, regrets the situation that has arisen.

– It is best for all parties that we have a dialogue. We have staff on site at Utansjö but nobody from the municipality have contacted us. They stopped us from entering Härnösand earlier this year and now it is not appropriate that we lay outside the city, he says on phone from his office in Odessa, in the United States.

– We are fulfilling our agreement with the Swedish Migration Board. There is nothing that can stop it even if the Swedish law says otherwise. According to European directives, no building permits for vessels of this type are required, says Kjell Tandberg.

According to the agreement between the Swedish Migration Board and Floating accomodations Sweden AB, the Immigration Service pays for all cabins on the ship, no matter how many are used. The daily rent is staggering SEK 800,000 ($96,000), or just over SEK 290 million a year.


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