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Obama Sticks It To Netanyahu…His Latest Anti-Israel Move Might Be His Most Dangerous Yet


The most anti-Israel administration in American history is aiming to go out with a bang.

While the United States’ only real, reliable ally in the Middle East — and the region’s only real democracy — faces a continuing threat from Islamic terrorists willing to give their own lives to spill Jewish blood, President Barack Obama’s White House this week delivered a blow to Israel. Obama issued a veto message to lawmakers considering a record allocation for anti-missile technology the United States shares with the Jewish state.

But Republican and Democrat lawmakers are answering with a message of their own.

In an overwhelming vote Thursday, the House of Representatives approved an appropriations package that includes an increase of more than $600 million for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to improve its missile defenses.

Considering that this is the Obama administration, with a president and secretary of state who negotiated a deal with an Iranian government sworn to Israel’s destruction a deal that will allow it to achieve nuclear weapons — and themissiles to deliver them — that’s going to be money the Jewish state needs.

So, naturally, Obama’s against it.

In a letter delivered to lawmakers Tuesday, the White House rejected the proposal, according to the Washington Free Beacon

Sen. Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican, responded, saying it was Obama’s own policies that made it necessary to give Israel the help the White House is opposing.

“Israel faces growing missile threats, especially after the flawed nuclear deal gave Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime over $100 billion in sanctions relief and as Iran has accelerated testing of ballistic missiles capable of striking Israel,” Kirk said.

Besides, Netanyahu’s government is already working closely with the United States on missile defense systems, so the aid money approved by the House this week will


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