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Refugees in protest march: – We want summer vacation


Criticism has come from the country’s social workers and from the Danish Refugee Council, over the recently made decision that newly arrived refugees, who allegedly have fled war and persecution, and are on integration assistance, no longer have the right to go on vacation.

Refugees therefore took to the streets to protest against the new rules, which means that the they have to appear in either language classes or job activation during the whole summer.

Andreas Kamm, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, believes that this is discrimination, not at least for the children who may be sent to school or another institution, while their Danish schoolmates have summer holiday with their parents.

“I can not understand that this is a way to treat refugees,” says Andreas Kamm, toJyllands-Posten.

Head of the Danish Association of Social Workers, Majbrit Berlau, says that the new rule is harmful for refugee children and that most municipalities have a clear recommendation that children should have at least two weeks of vacation with their parents.

Integration Minister Inger Støjberg, however, believes that the refugees are “ungrateful” and should instead use their energy to find a job:

“They have come to Denmark, where they are safe, we are supporting them, they get free education, their children go to day care, and we support them in every way possible. We can all agree that vacations are nice, but it is pointless to show such a demanding mentality.”

The removal of the right to summer vacation is part of what integration experts have called the largest intervention to push refugees into the labor market. This year, a total of about 45,000 refugees will get their benefits halved, as they will be moved from the current welfare deal – where one has the right to vacation – to integration assistance.

The Danish Government has openly said that they want to halt the flow of refugees and migrants to the country, and has previously


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