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FBI Admits They Redacted Orlando Shooter’s 911 Transcript In Order To Not Insult Islam


The FBI has caused a major controversy by releasing an edited version of the Orlando shooter’s 911 call in order to downplay the terrorism aspect.

There was major backlash and it now looks like they have backed down and released the full transcript.

Although, they still changed the word Allah to God (Arabic).

Which was very strange.

Now, we are learning that the FBI has admitted that they did this in order to make sure Muslims wouldn’t get mad.

Jeez, can you imagine if we spent an ounce of the energy we spend trying not to offend Islam on actually combating radical Islam and trying to stop it?

This administration simply refuses to be honest about what is going on and the danger we face.

The ironic thing is that they are actually doing a huge disservice to the gay community that they pretend to be fighting for.

It is critically important that we


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