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ISIS: Beautiful virgin, 12 years old for sale


Members of the Islamic State are selling women and children using encrypted mobile apps.

It appears from interviews and photos the news agency Associated Press (AP) has gained access to.

According to AP, IS has established marketplaces for sale of sex slaves, including children belonging to the Yazidi minority in Iraq.

“Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah. There is a female slave – Virgin – beautiful – 12 years old – she speaks poor Arabic – is clean – The price has reached $12,500, and she will soon be sold,” reads a message sent using the encrypted sms service Telegram.

Another message AP has gained access to, this time sent using WhatsApp, shows the sale of a mother of young children.

“She wants the owner to sell her. He wants $ 3,700 for her. She has two daughters, one is 3 years old – the other seven months,” says the message.

According to AP, the terrorist organization IS


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