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Likud MK calls for execution of ‘Palestinian inciters’


Palestinian inciters against Jews should be executed, said MK Amir Ohana [Likud], as he spoke at a small rally of some 500 people in the Otniel settlement on Sunday night.

“We must declare war on terrorism. Three steps must immediately be taken. Eliminating the inciters” is the first step, he said.

There are those Palestinians who are whipping their own youth into such a frenzy that they are picking up knives and stabbing Jews.

“Those people [the inciters] must be killed,” Ohana said.

He also called for the demolition of the homes of Palestinian terrorists and for settlement building.

“Settlement building is not a stumbling bloc to peace. Peace will only come from such building,” he said and added, “from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] River, the land of Israel will be free.”

His speech was greeted by applause and the chanting of his name.

Ohana was one of a number right-wing politicians who spoke against the creation of a Palestinian state and of the need for increased security to prevent terror attacks such as the ones that killed Otniel resident Rabbi Michael ‘Miki’ Mark on July 1 as he drove on Route 60 in the South Hebron Hills.

They stood on the back of a flat-bed truck and spoke into a temporary loudspeaker system that carried their voices into the night air.

Earlier some 500 settlers and activists carrying Israeli flags marched some six kilometers along Route 60, which was closed to traffic.

They marchers, mostly teens, burst into song when they arrived at the settlement. Some of them carried Israeli flags and others wore them on their backs.

In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


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