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Clinton Calls Cops Racists, Wants Federal Nationalized Police Force


Clinton Joined Obama In Vilifying All Cops

Implies System of Racists Too Ignorant Not To Kill


The script was written two years ago, likely in the days prior to Ferguson with Hussein Obama and Eric Holder detailing how they would make racial division a tool for advancing their agenda and winning the 2016 election. The general strategy was developed long before that, probably as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Having only a record of big government failure, domestic collapse and foreign policy humiliation and weakness to run on, the community organizer squatting in our White House and his Marxist underlings embarked on a plan to discredit the Constitution and our self-government model through accusations of unfairness and bigotry.

They then created victims groups of anyone who wasn’t white, utilizing the Democrat-impoverished black Americans, and greatly accelerating decades of the importation of illegal aliens across open borders as well as legal immigration, including often-dangerous Muslims. The supposed goal is the false ideal of “diversity.” The actual result is balkanization, insecurity and cultural degradation. The natural reaction to these threats to our prosperity and security provides them with the exploitable xenophobic and racist ammunition they are all too willing to distort for political advantage.

Hillary Clinton helped spark the carnage in Dallas, as did her fellow agitators, including the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, in condemning all police departments for the actions of a few individuals.

She said, “Too many African-Americans have been killed in encounters with police over matters that should not have led to that action being taken. That’s why again, I reiterate a call for national guidelines. We have 18,000 police departments, some of them are very small, some of them are not very well trained. Some of them don’t really have the resources that are necessary to keep training and retraining. And frankly, Wolf, to go after systemic racism, which is a reality and to go after implicit bias.”


Clinton using isolated incidences to call for the federalization of local law enforcement, building on Loretta Lynch and the UN’s intrusion with the “strong cities” program and the onslaught of “civil rights” cases that have emerged from DOJ under her and her predecessor, Eric Holder. Those cases step on the independence of local jurisdictions


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