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Terrorist says ‘Jews are heretics, and you’re allowed to kill heretics’

Terrorists who killed 4 in Sarona market speak about their plans and motives: ‘Islam should rule the world’.

Shai Landesman

Transcripts from the interrogation of the two terrorists who perpetrated the Sarona market attack in Tel Aviv have been released, revealing the motivations of the two murderers and their radical Islamic ideology. The new information comes a month after the attack, in which four people were murdered when the terrorists opened fire with improvised rifles.

In the interrogation records, first published byChannel 10, the terrorists give a chilling blow-by-blow account of their preparations and the attack itself, and discuss their motives for committing such a heinous act.

The terrorists, referred to in the reports as simply “Khaled” and “Mohammed”, began by recounting how they bought expensive suits so that they would look like respectable businessmen. “We left our house in the morning to get haircuts and prepare ourselves.”

They then explained how they had prepared for transportation into Tel Aviv from their hometown of Yatta near Hevron. “The day before we spoke with a cab driver who transports people without work permits illegally. We went with him until Segev Shalom (a Bedouin town near Be’er Sheva) and there we showered and changed clothes in someone’s house. We then traveled to the central station in Be’er Sheva and saw that there was an entrance with a metal detector, but they didn’t suspect us because we were wearing suits so we were able to go in.”

Describing the plans for the attack during the interrogation, one of the terrorists explained that they had originally wanted to target a train. “Trains are good targets because the moment they start moving there’s no security on them and people can’t get out. But we saw that we wouldn’t be able to get in because of the heavy security around the train station, so we started walking the streets looking for a place where there would be a lot of people. We asked a Jewish guy where there are cafes and restaurants


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