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NBA Player Remains Committed To His Tallis, Tefilin And Rabbonim


NBA player Moshe Casspi explains he remains committed to his Jewish roots. He used Instagram to get this message out, posting a photo of himself davening while wearing tallis and tefilin. The following text accompanied the photo; “A few days ago I merited meeting with Rabbi Yaakov Adas. He is a pure tzaddik. We spoke of the merit of [putting on] tefilin, Shabbos, kashrus, modesty, values, derech eretz and more. I learned so much from this modest man. I daven for Am Yisrael and the world should not say an evil word”.

“When I asked how the rabbi maintains tznius despite his absolute profound Torah knowledge he replied ‘I understand the greatness of the Gedolim…’ and he emphasized the need to continue studying a great deal and cited how much progress must be made. Everyone



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