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America’s Muslim Youth Were Asked A Sickening Question… The Results Are Gut-Wrenching


Are you one of those dunderheaded conservative Islamophobes who think that terrorists might come over here in mass numbers, especially with our limited ability to screen Syrian refugees?

Well, I’ve got good news that proves you wrong: Only one in four Muslim youths in America believe suicide bombing is okay!

Isn’t that great news? I mean, only 26 percent think that killing us kaffir is justified and just another 15 percent think it’s “often/sometimes justified.” Isn’t it great that there’s no danger?

Wait … you think those numbers sound astronomically high? Well, um … check your privilege!

Yes, according to a staggering Pew Poll conducted in November of 2015, fully 25 percent of American Muslims between the ages of 18 and 29 believed that suicide bombing was either “often/sometimes justified” or “rarely justified,” according to The Jewish Press.

Meanwhile, our president doesn’t want to use the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” next to each other.

Sadly, things are worse over on the continent. France, which has seen three major Islamic terror attacks since January of 2015, had 42 percent of Muslims age 18 to 29 say that suicide bombing was always justified, with a further 19 percent saying it was often or sometimes justified.

That’s almost half of Muslims in a Western country who think it’s okay to kill non-Muslims by blowing themselves up.

Things weren’t much better in Merrie England. A slightly smaller number — 35 percent — said that it was justified. Yet again, 19 percent said it was often or sometimes justified.

Oh, and keep in mind, I’m completely leaving out those who said it was “rarely” justified. I don’t quite understand that one: “Sure, killing innocent people by blowing yourself up and ripping women and children apart with shrapnel sounds like the worst thing a


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