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Bataclan victims ‘castrated and had eyes gouged out by evil ISIS jihadis’, says inquiry

THE French government stopped the press from reporting details of the gruesome torture of several of the Bataclan terror victims in the wake of the Paris attack, it has been claimed.


Some 130 people were killed in the attacks on November, including 89 people at the Bataclan concert hall, which saw suicide bombers and gunman strike in six locations across Paris.

The shocking torture happened as terrorists took a number of people watching an Eagles of Death Metal concert hostage.

A government committee heard from a leading investigator that police officers vomited after seeing a number of the victims disfigured bodies after ISIS killers reportedly gouged their eyes out and castrated some of them.

The committee heard some of the male victims were castrated with their genitals put in their mouths.

Women were stabbed in the genitals and sexually tortured and others were disemboweled, the committee heard.

In a shocking transcript of the hearing, prosecutors have cast doubt on the claims saying no sharp knives were found at the scene

But an officer named only as Mr TP Corporal claimed some victims were beheaded and others tortured as the ISIS killers filmed the sickening acts.

Mr TP Corporal told the committee: “After the assault, we were with colleagues at the passage Saint-Pierre Amelot when I saw weeping from one of our colleagues who came outside to vomit. He told us what he had seen.”

The committee heard victims were tortured on the second floor as armedpolice stormed the concert hall.

Mr TP said: “Bodies have not been presented to the families because there were people beheaded, slaughtered people, people who have been eviscerated. There are women who have taken stabs at the genitals.

“While we fixed a terrorist to the emergency door, another was doing all these things upstairs.”

Committee chief President Georges


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