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France covered up torture, sexual mutilation in Paris attack to not make Islamic terror attack seem so horrific

Transcriptions reveal French government concealed castrations, torture of victims in Paris terror attack.

David Rosenberg

The ISIS terrorists responsible for the deadly attacks in Paris last November not only murdered 130 and wounded close to 400 victims, they also engaged in “gruesome torture” and sexual mutilation of their victims.

A government committee in France heard testimony indicating the terrorists involved had subjected some of their victims to torture, which may have been filmed for use in ISIS propaganda videos.

The story, which was initially reported by Heat Street, suggests the French government actively sought to cover up the horrors of the attack, withholding information from the public and playing down physical evidence of torture, saying claims the state of some of the victims’ bodies indicated they were mutilated were rumors.

According to the testimony, which was given in March, the mutilations were so severe that a police investigator inspecting the scene of the attack ran out of the Bataclan to vomit after having viewed some of the victim’s bodies.

Some victims reportedly had their eyes gouged out, others were decapitated, while still others were disemboweled, and some castrated with their testicles placed in their mouths. Women were also reportedly sexually mutilated.

French prosecutors played down the claims of torture, saying they were “a rumor”.

One lawmaker questioned investigators, asking how they became aware of the “acts of barbarism”, with no indication the acts of mutilation


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