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Left wing lunatic lied about the true identity Muslim men who raped her so they would not get sent back to their own countries


German left-wing politician Selin Gören admits that she lied to the police about the ethnic background of her rapists. It was political correct.

Gören, who belongs to the left in German politics, was highly engaged as the flow of migrants and refugees to Europe picked up in 2014 and 2015.

In January this year she was raped by three men. When she went to the police and reported the matter, she said that the perpetrators were a mixed bunch of Germans and foreigners, who spoke German among themselves.

She did not tell about the rape, but said that she had been mugged, writes the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

But the men were all foreigners and spoke Arabic or Farsi. Information she did not give to the police when she first reported it.

First twelve hours later she went back to the police and corrected her report. A friend of hers pointed out that more women could be subjected to the same rapists, which caused her to change her mind.

The case is first known now, several months after the rape, after the politician came forward in an interview with Der Spiegel and told why she lied to the police.

The assault of Gören happened just after several women and young girls had been sexually harassed at a New Year’s event in Cologne. The perpetrators were all foreigners from the Middle East, many of them newly arrived “refugees.”

The focus on the new citizens and sexual harassment was enormous. This caused the politician to lie to the police about her perpetrators ethnicity. Her motivation was to not contribute to a racist attitude towards refugees.

According to Der Spiegel, she had been very


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