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OUTRAGEOUS: French police actually hung up the phone on Islamic terror victim at Bataclan in Paris


News reports have surfaced showing the French government covered up the torture and rape that French citizens suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorists. What hasn’t been reported is that the police told one of the victims, who called begging for help, to stop wasting their time.

Testimony that the French government sought to have sealed has been released. One of the victims, Caroline Langlade, testified at the hearing:

After an hour, I called the police whispering since the terrorist was still behind the door, and my interlocutor asked me to speak up. I explained my situation, to which the police responded that I blocked the line for a real emergency. I do not see that there can be more urgent than forty people at risk of imminent death. I spoke a little louder and everyone asked me to shut up because I was putting all of life the world in danger. The police got angry and hung up on me saying “Too bad for you!”

What did Ms. Langlade call to report?

A black Volkswagen Polo pulled up outside the Bataclan concert hall at 21:40 on Friday 13 November, and three heavily armed gunmen got out. Less than three hours later they were dead, having killed 90 people at the venue and critically injured many others. What happened in between?

You can find more graphic photos online.

What happened at Bataclan?

French government ‘suppressed gruesome torture’ of Bataclan victims as official inquiry is told some were castrated and had their eyes gouged out by the ISIS killers

You can read Ms. Langlade’s full testimony here:

Caroline Langlade. I sent a message on Facebook to prevent my family when we were evacuated from the Bataclan , that is to say between 0:45 ET 0:50. The BIS then had the final assault. I was in the lodge overlooking the Amelot passage and before which the two terrorists exploded following an exchange of gunfire with the BIS. We were forty in this room of nine square meters where we waited for three hours. I communicated several times with police to provide all the elements that I know – the presence of several terrorists, many people in the room, words exchanged between terrorists – and to get information. Indeed, when waiting three hours in a room without being able to act on his own fate, it is in a terrible situation.

The network is saturated, I called my mother to Nancy that she contact the city police to pass information to the police in Paris. I called the police and I ended up talking to an agent after fifteen minute wait. My interlocutor, a human brigadier, took time to talk to me and told me that the police would soon intervene. We were locked in that box for half an hour and in which a terrorist trying to penetrate. I provided information to the police officer


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