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These 16 States are Banning SHARIAH LAW – Is Yours on the List?


Due to the rise of radical Islam and the Obama Administration’s constant kowtowing to Muslims who refuse to assimilate to Western society, several states have moved to ban Shariah law.

The following list includes all states which have introduced legislation to make Shariah law illegal, via the Conservative Tribune:

  1. Alabama (two bills)

  2. Arkansas

  3. Florida (two bills)

  4. Indiana (two bills)

  5. Iowa

  6. Kentucky

  7. Mississippi (four bills)

  8. Missouri (two bills)

  9. North Carolina

  10. Oklahoma (seven bills)

  11. South Carolina (two bills)

  12. Texas (six bills)

  13. Virginia

  14. Washington

  15. West Virginia

  16. Wyoming (two bills)

Has your state made moves to ensure that radical Islamic Sharia law is not permitted within its borders? Sound off in the comments section!


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