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Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was MUSLIM CONVERT

“A Grandview High School classmate tells KCTV5 that Long converted to Islam three years ago. He said Long was quiet and nice.” After the USMC.


Why am I not surprised?

American terror-tied groups like Hamas-CAIR support and agitate for the Black Lives Matter movement. A Black Lives Matter activist distributed flyers on “proper riot gear” in both English and Arabic (but not Spanish, French, Russian, etc).

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad to Muslims: “Black Lives Matter is our campaign”

It’s ironic, of course, because blacks (abeed in Arabic, meaning slave) are held as slaves in Muslim countries (i.e. 20% of the population of Mauritania are blacks enslaved by Muslims under.)
Muslim Congressman (and former cop) Andre Carson Condemns on recent police shootings: “These Shooters Aren’t My Brothers In Blue, They’re Murderers.”

“Kansas City police surround home of Baton Rouge shooter,” KCTV, July 17, 2016:

A man believed to have taken part in the shooting that killed at least three police officers from Baton Rouge, LA was from the metro area.

Sources tell KCTV5 the shooter’s name is Gavin Eugene Long.

Three police officers were killed and three additional police officers were wounded Sunday morning in Louisiana.

On Sunday evening, police taped off a scene believed to be Long’s most recent home in the 1100 block of East 77th Terrace.

Police surrounding the home and say there is a person inside with a gun. They are treating the area as if there is an imminent threat to surrounding residents and businesses.


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