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OBAMALOGIC 101: It wasn’t a Muslim terrorist, it was a truck so ban the truck

It’s the truck’s fault – ban all trucks


What is President Obama going to say now?  Let me take a wild guess:

“It’s the truck’s fault.  We must ban all trucks.  No, it’s not Islam’s fault.  It’s not Islamic extremism’s fault.  To say that this monster was an ‘Islamic Terrorist’ would be saying we are war with all of Islam.  We are better than that.  We need to bring in more Muslim refugees.”

Obama isn’t the Commander-in-Chief, he’s the Islamic-Terrorist-Apologist-in-Chief.  In a little less than 8 years, Obama has carefully overseen and carefully tended a massive incubation of Islamic terrorism’s base, from which the world may never recover.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is merely the Islamic State with a nuclear bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them.
First, Obama’s Iraq retreat and crowning Iran as hegemon of Iraq served as the perfect Petri dish for ISIS.  Fearful to harm his Iranian Nuclear Bomb “deal,” Obama allowed Assad and Iran and Russia to commit genocide against the Sunni Muslims of Iraq and Syria.  Obama not only gave Iraq to Iran, Obama is now ordering the US Air Force to act as Iran’s de jure air force in Iraq.  Obama has planted the seeds of thousands of Islamic terrorists beyond any stretch of the imagination.1


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