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China declares all out war on radical Islam – Should the West be this strict?


China has added its name to the growing list of countries around the world that are taking preventative measures in an attempt to lower the chances of a radical Islamist terror attack.

China has taken these bold steps:

  • Ramadan is banned and Chinese restaurants must stay open during this fast.
  • Muslim prayer meetings and other religious practices are banned in Chinese government buildings, schools, and business offices in China’s Xinjiang region as reported in The Times of India.
    • Religious activities are now restricted to take place only in houses of worship, such as mosques.
    • $4,880 fines will be imposed mobile phones users and using the Internet to disseminate messages that undermine national unity, social stability or incite ethnic hatred.
    • Female head dresses are banned in conformity with Chinese legislators who have repeatedly said that burqas “are not a national dress of Muslims.”  They’re justifying their new laws based on several other countries, such as France and Belgium who have enacted similar bans based on public safety concerns.
    • Men with long beards are banned from riding public transportation: Chinese have suffered numerous terrorist attacks


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