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This Is Racism: Public University Says No Whites Need Apply In Job Posting For Professorship


It is with deep regret that I admit the liberals and progressives are right: racism is alive and well in America. Alive and well, but not in the way they say it is.

Half a century after the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the end of state-sanctioned discrimination, a public institution has barred members of a specific racial background from holding or even applying for a particular position within it. That institution is the University of Louisville, and if what it did were done to any other race, people would be taking to the streets, and rightfully so.

Having decided to jump on the “diversity” bandwagon, the University placed an ad for an Assistant Professor to work in the school’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. Keeping in line with civil rights legislation prohibiting discrimination on account of race, sex and disability, the ad was prefaced with a statement that the University would consider all applicants equally as required by federal law. While this was innocuous enough, the ad concluded on a shocking note: that the position would (not could be, would be) “filled by an African-American, a Hispanic American, or a Native American Indian.”

Notice anything missing? Apparently, somebody did, because the University pulled the posting after considerable outcry. Yes, the stated reason for it’s removal was that it didn’t “include applicants with disabilities,” but just as many people were outraged that it didn’t include white Americans as well. After all, if a southern university had made a job posting that said the position would be filled by a European American, could you imagine the hysteria that would ensue?

Of course, there will be hypocritical, self-proclaimed “anti-racists” who will defend this obvious case of  workplace discrimination. They will argue that white people don’t have the same history of oppression as blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. Some of them will even claim that you can’t be racist towards white people at all because they have redefined racism to mean “power plus privilege,” a bogus definition that is virtually accepted nowhere outside of obscure academic journals, college dorm rooms and blogs run by Internet slacktivists. They claim to speak on behalf of the marginalized, even as they attempt to marginalize others. They champion diversity, even as they try to ensure everybody looks the way they want them to.

In short, their argument rests on doublethink and double standards. Because white people were racist in the past, black people and other minorities have the right to be racist now, and if they are, the pro-“diversity” crowd will defend it and deny they’re being racist at all.

But thankfully, not everybody is buying into this sophistry, least of all Duke University’s Benjamin Reese Jr.:

“‘I’ve never seen that before and it strikes me as inappropriate,’ said Benjamin Reese Jr., vice president and chief diversity officer at Duke University and president of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.

Marshall Rose, president of the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity, who recently retired as director of the Office of Equity and Diversity at Bowling


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