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Anti-Vaccination Proponent Melania Trump Delivers Powerful Speech


Vaccinate your kids, they say. It’ll be safe, they say.

It’ll be safe, they say.

The only problem is that “they,” isn’t vaccinating their children. Tonight, Melania Trump, the wife GOP Presidential nominee and potential First Lady of the United States, took the stage in grand fashion to endorse her husband’s controversial campaign. Melania has come from a rural town in Slovenia to the brink of being one of the world’s most powerful women. For husband Donald, Melania serves as a puzzle piece that doesn’t seem to fit with liberal rhetoric. Trump’s being painted as a racist and xenophobic and misogynist, something Melania’s presence seems to deny even without her ringing endorsements of him. She’s an immigrant, a woman, a cultural infusion.

Melania serves a purpose beyond being Trump’s wife. Tonight’s speech places her squarely as an intricate piece of campaign machinery. She’s no longer below the radar, she’s soaring above it in a furious jet plane. On being an American, Melania described it as, “the greatest privilege on planet Earth.” She endearingly described her husband as possessing a  “never give-up attitude.”

And she certainly didn’t ignore the obvious turmoil present in Trump’s ascension when she said, “There will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns — it would not be a Trump contest without excitement and drama.”

Melania is a philanthropist. She’s a fashion model. She’s a mother. She’s of riches and wealth. And she’s against vaccinations. Melania Trump isn’t trying to pretend that she does vaccinate, like many of the rich and powerful do. In her case, she’s never denied it, even going so far as to attend events which have proposed the link between autism and vaccines. In 2006, Melania gave birth to a son named Barron William Trump, and her


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