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Merkel Finally Admits Defeat, “Terrorists Came in With Refugees”


Germany is lost.

It’s been overrun with anti-women, anti-gay military-aged men from countries that don’t believe in “assimilation.”

P.S. That’s what Obama and Hillary want to do to America.

Over the past two years, Chancellor Angela Merkel has flooded her country with these types of anti-women, anti-gay men and has defended her grievous actions as German woman were viciously raped by migrant men.

Finally, after all of the rape, crime, and terrorism, Angel Merkel has now admitted that terrorists infiltrated themselves among the refugees and asylum-seekers.

Merkel told Reuters, “In part, the refugee flow was even used to smuggle terrorists.” 

Um, no sh*t, Sherlock.

Merkel brought more than 1 million Muslim refugees into Germany in 2015 alone, over the objections of many German people.

One week prior to Merkel’s admission, Germany’s spy chief Hans Georg Maassen reported that at least 17 ISIS militants had entered the country with the refugees.

In addition, German officials recently uncovered a plot where four refugees were planning a terror attack on a western German town, using suicide vests.

Angela Merkel flushed her country and


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