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Muslim Turks in Germany are marching through the streets with clubs in support of Erdogan


After the failed coup in Turkey, the bullying methods from Istanbul’s streets have also reached Germany. With a population of 3,5 million Turks, Germany fears rising tensions, reportsBT.

When thousands of Turks took to the streets following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan FaceTime call, and flocked to the streets to defend the country against an attempted coup, the same thing also happened in Berlin and other German cities.

But unlike Turkey, there was no coup started in Germany. With 3.5 million Turks living in Germany, the country is the world’s largest Turkish diaspora. And when there is trouble in Turkey, it automatically creates trouble in Germany.

Via text messages between Erdogan’s supporters in Germany, thousands were directed to the German streets Friday night in support of Erdogan. More than 3,000 showed up in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin, chanting Allahu akbar. In Frankfurt and Hamburg about 1,500 met up, while Essen saw around 5,000 waving Turkish flags in support of Erdogan.

But as in Turkey, the events did not stop with demonstrations in the streets. In Gelsenkirchen 150 Erdogan supporters with clubs attacked a youth association belonging to exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen hizmet movement.

In Hamburg, a journalist was almost lynched after Erdogan supporters found out that he writes critically about the Turkish president.

“I have lived in Germany for decades and have never experienced anything like this. They came to lynch me,” says Adil Yigit, who works for Avrupa Postasi.

Signs with the text “traitors can not pray here ‘has been hung up on some Turkish mosques in Germany to scare away those who do not support Erdogan. On social media something resembling an army of Erdogan


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