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Revealed: How Blackhawk choppers landed at the WRONG address when they stormed a luxury hotel to assassinate Turkey tyrant Erdogan

  • Dictator Recep Erdogan lounged on holiday in Marmaris as coup erupted
  • Escaped with his life, fleeing just minutes before rebels arrived at the villa
  • The luxury home was loaned to him by former racing driver Yazici Serkan
  • As troops raided hotel next door, terrified tourists cowered in bedrooms

Relaxing on a terrace of a private villa overlooking the sparkling waters of the Marmaris Sea, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had little idea he would be facing the most momentous 12 hours of his life.

But as darkness fell over the luxury home in the popular tourist resort of Marmaris he received a telephone call telling him he his life was in peril as well as the future of Turkey.

On the other end of the line was a military commander warning him three Blackhawk helicopters carrying rebel soldiers were on their way to kill or capture him.


In a panic the 62-year-old Turkish president was whisked under armed guard to a private jet waiting at a nearby airfield as the three choppers swooped on the resort where he had been staying.

But even aboard the presidential jet the terror for the Turkish leader was not over as he was told two rogue F-16 fighter jets were scouring the skies to shoot down his jet.

Only the quick thinking of his pilots averted disaster as they were able to mask the identity of the Gulfstream presidential jet and trick the rebel pilots into thinking they were a passenger jet.

Two hours later Mr Erdogan was safely in Istanbul and having rallied those loyal to him put down the coup.

The thought of being killed or even taken prisoner was most likely furthest from Mr Erdogan’s mind when he arrived at the private villa owned by former rally driver Serkan Yazici.

His father Ibrahim, who died of a heart attack in 2012, was a close friend of the president thanks to his own political career.

Ibrahim was a member of the Turkish



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