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Spine-chilling footage shows Russian schoolgirl, 15, being ambushed and beaten to death on train tracks

  •  Yekaterina was attacked at a railway station in a suburb of Sochi, Russia
  •  Her brother had left her there while he went down to look at the Black Sea
  •  When he returned he saw a man leaving the station but no sign of sister
  •  She was later found under a bridge, having been beaten and raped 

The last spine-chilling moments of a 15-year-old girl were caught on camera before she was murdered at a deserted railway station.

Yekaterina was on her way home from a disco at a summer camp when she was attacked at Margi station in the city of Sochi in southern Russia.

The CCTV footage shows the teenager being ambushed by a middle-aged man who drags her away from the platform, where she is waiting for her older brother.


She tries to resist but the burly man overpowers her and throws her onto the tracks.

He bashes her head in countless times with a heavy object before dragging her lifeless body off the tracks and into some bushes where


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