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‘He would pick up the phone every single time:’ Ivanka Trump tells sweet story about calling dad collect everyday from a janitor’s closet at school

  • Ivanka Trump talked to CNN tonight in advance of her Republican National Convention speech tomorrow night 
  • The eldest Trump daughter and business associate of the Republican nominee said her dad was ‘accessible and very available’ 
  • She also revealed that he ‘almost undermined’ her choice to join the family business because he wanted her to follow her passion  

Previewing what she’s likely to say when she takes the Republican National Convention stage on Thursday night to introduce dad, Ivanka Trump sat down with CNN to speak to chat about growing up Trump.

The eldest daughter of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, recalled sitting in a janitor’s closet at school to call her father collect during recess.

‘I was probably 10 years old and I called collect to the Trump Organization, which is hilarious,’ she told CNN’s Gloria Borger.

‘And he would pick up the phone every single time,’ she added.


‘He’s put me on speaker phone. It wasn’t a long conversation. It didn’t matter who was there,’ she said.

Sometimes it would be ‘titans of industry,’ Ivanka Trump said, or ‘heads of countries.’

‘He’d always take my call,’ she said.

‘He’d always tell everyone in the room how great a daughter I was and say cute things and ask me about a test I took,’ she added.

Ivanka Trump told the journalist that the fact that her father would drop everything showed the kid of dad he was.

When Borger asked Ivanka Trump if her father would read her bedtime stories like a typical dad, Ivanka Trump explained that he was ‘different.’

‘He wasn’t long on diaper-changing and things like that, but he, I think he was maybe a bit more traditional in that regard, but he was very accessible and very available,’ Ivanka Trump said.

‘I never questioned that my siblings and I were his top priority,’ she added.

Describing Donald Trump as an ‘incredible parent,’ Ivanka Trump complimented her dad’s sense of humor and his authenticity.

‘He was funny, sometimes wickedly so,’ she said.

But she also brought up some of the more negative names being thrown at the controversial candidate, who still has the challenge of fully uniting the Republican Party.

‘My father has always elicited



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