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HELL ON EARTH: Vladimir Putin rains fire on ISIS with ‘unprecedented’ vengeance bombing raid

JIHADIS felt the full fury of Russia’s rage as six long-range bombers wiped out an ISIS basecamp and ammo dump.

Vladimir Putin launched the daring raid just days after ISIS sickos downed a Russian helicopter, killing the two pilots.

The unprecedented airstrike is believed to have been launched as a revenge attack.

The Kremlin dispatched six Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers from a base in the Motherland to hit back at the death cult.

They cruised through Iranian and Iraqi airspace before delivering their deadly payload over the ISIS camps in Syria.


The planes laid waste to terrorist targets east of the town of Plamyra and village of Arak.

The death toll from the raid has not been totalled, but the Kremlin said they smashed three ammo dumps, three tanks, four infantry combat vehicles, eight heavy machine gun trucks and “a large number of enemy fighters”.

This is the first time


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