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Ontario Paper: Jews spread homosexuality, prostitution, corruption (full transcript)


Al-Saraha (الصراحة) – a London, Ontario Arab-language newspaper published by Abdul-Hadi Shala (عبد الهادي شلا), a Palestinian Arab from the Gaza Strip, has published (Issue 124, June/ July 2016) an article justifying the policy of Nazi German towards the Jewish during the Holocaust because of their moral corruption and their major share in causing economic collapses that affected the German people.

B’nai Brith Canada, a leading Jewish advocacy group which combats anti-Semitism and racism, issued on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, a statement presenting the highlights of the article and condemning its anti-Semitic messages.

The following if the full transcript of the article (originally in Arabic):

“The Question that Everybody Ignores – Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews?

“Salah Muntasir (صلاح منتصر)

The truth that the Jews promoted to a degree that it cannot be debated and anyone who doubts it is condemned, is that the German leader Adolf Hitler – who assumed power in 1933, and the Communists were his first enemies and he got rid of them – killed many Jews, and some of them [of the Jews] say it [number of Jews who were killed by Hitler] reached 6 million Jews.

“This number seems to be unrealistic and inflated, but the Jewish propaganda managed to spread and instill it.

“But the question that no one asks, and maybe is not allowed to be asked is: Why did Hitler do what he did to the Jews?

“The following is the transcript of a recorded interview sent to me by a German friend and an expert who spoke in English to address the world and answer the question: What did the Jews do in Germany that made Hitler take revenge of them?

The speaker says: Everybody talks about what the Germans did to the Jews, and this is true and nothing wrong about it. Under the Third Reich [Nazi Germany] between 100-600 thousands were killed directly or indirectly by the National Party [The National Socialist German Workers’ Party commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party].

However inflated, this number is smaller than the number of the Algerian victims during the Independence war against France, [the number of] Palestinian victims [killed] by the Jews, and what the Americans, British and Russians did to other people and they killed millions.

What did the Jews do in Germany? When you ask what the Germans did to the Jews, you have also to ask why did it happen? In fact, since 1850 when the Jews took over the senior positions in German Reich they at that time did three dramatic things against Germany.

First, they were a minority which did not surpass the 2 percent of the Germans. When Hitler came to power in 1933 they [the Jews] numbered around 500,000 out of 60 million Germans.

However, this small minority managed to control 50 percent of the media, held 70 percent of the positions of judges and enforced their existence in the media, cinema and literature. They [the Jews] were overpromoted and overboosted.

By this control [of positions by the Jews], the Jews caused many of the economic collapses that happened to the banks between 1870 and 1920.

At that time they caused a number of economic meltdowns, and this was not a Nazi propaganda, but what the Jews themselves said. During this time millions of German fathers lost their income, savings and investment opportunities because of the Jewish banker gangs.

The last point is their influence on the psychology of the Germans. This is absolutely the most dangerous factor as they planted in the press, media, theater and literature the culture of moral decadence.

The first theater plays on homosexuality appeared in Berlin in the 20s. The first pornographic performances took place in 1880 and 1890 by Jewish authors. The prostitution, homosexuality, all kinds of sexual obsession, the morally degenerate art. This disdainful art is called today the Modern Art. All of this was promoted and planted by the Jews.

It created a state of rage and revolution within the German society.

They painted graffiti ridiculing Christianity and Jesus as Salman Rushdie [British Indian novelist, author of The Satanic Verses] did with the Muslims.

Naturally, the Nazis took advantage of this rage and revolution. When Adolf Hitler came to power, the number of the unemployed reached 6 million Germans. During two years (1933-35), Hitler managed to give jobs to all of them, and that was astonishing.

Therefore, the Jews wanted to tarnish the achievement made by Hitler. They said that Hitler created 6 million jobs because he burnt 6 million Jews.

The propaganda of the Jews triumphed and it became prevalent in all media outlets that 6 million Jews were victims of Hitler while the number of the Jews in Germany was less than a quarter of the number of the Jews whom they say that Hitler burnt! (Almasry Al-Youm)” [the article was originally appeared on the Egyptian newspaper Almasry Al-Youm on June 6, 2016].

Toronto based Meshwar newspaper published an article describing the Holocaust as the “the biggest lie in history” and an anti-Semitic cartoon

Toronto based Meshwar newspaper addresses the Arab community in Canada and distributed for free in the Greater Toronto area. The editor of the Arabic newspaper is Dr. Nazih Khatatba, a board member of the ‘Palestine House’ in Mississauga, and its offices are located at 3195 Erindale Station Rd., Mississauga, Ontario, the same address of the Palestine House.

In Issue 103, May 2, 2014, p. 22 Meshwar published an article written by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and entitled “Why the Holocaust is relevant to us?”

Dr. Ibrahim Alloush is a journalist and university lecturer in Amman, Jordan. A regular columnist for the weekly Jordanian newspaper Assabeel, he is active in the Jordanian Writers and in the Association against Zionism and Racism (AZAR). He is also editor of the Free Arab Voice web site ( Dr. Alloush lived for thirteen years in the United States. He earned graduate degrees at Ohio University and Oklahoma State University, where he earned a doctorate in economics.

The following are excerpts from the article (originally in Arabic):

Ibrahim Alloush, the President of the Association against Zionism and Racism (AZAR), wrote [the following].

Mahmoud Abbas [“President” of the Palestinian Authority] stated that the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ is the biggest crime in history. Such statement comprises the essence of the cultural recognition of the Zionist entity, meaning not only its right to exist, but the necessity of its existence.

What is the meaning of the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ and why is it relevant for us? We publish this article at the time the Zionist entity is celebrating the


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