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Put This Mixture On Your Face For 15 Min To ERASE Dark Circles and Bags!


This common problem is shared by millions of people, most of them have dark heavy bags under their eyes dark heavy bags under their eyes because over work, lack of sleep, staying late night or you just had one to many drinks.

The reasons are numerous and the list is long.

Today we will talk about how to solve this esthetic problem. If you have this problem for a while than you probably tried huge numbers of creams, concealers or foundations. These products cost a lot of money but they are not so effective and in many cases of people it seems none of them worked.

Now it’s time to try something natural.

– Unpacking the Bags
Many causes are to blame in case of the dark circles. The primary one is fatigue. Another is eye strain.

Also Allergies can be the case, if you come in contact with soap or makeup and you are alergec to that specific kind. Sun exposure can lead to irregular melatonin levels and cause your eyelid area to darken. The skin under the eyes loses the elastin and collagen and with the aging process it makes the blood vessels underneath more visible, giving a darker look. In some cases it’s just genetics, otherwise known as bad luck.

What Can You Do?

There are some expensive treatments that you can undertake, but before doing anything like that, try a natural approach to this problem.

1. Improve your diet

First, it is very important that you eat the proper food. When it comes to this case it is known for this condition to appear due to iron deficiency. Iron keeps oxygen moving through your body and if you’re also feeling fatigued despite getting enough sleep, lack of oxygen could be the culprit. Consuming foods that are rich in iron will be of great help, spinach, broccoli and all types of squash.

Also this condition can be due lack of antioxidants. Antioxidants are responsible for keeping your skin youthful.

Foods which are high in antioxidant pigments are: cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, onions, legumes, parsley and black or green tea.

2. Try a natural cure

Why spending so much money for products that are full with chemicals when you can make a natural homemade remedy for this


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