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‘Spanish city loses Tel Aviv flight over BDS motion against Israel’

The Spain branch of El Al for months had negotiated with tourist officials from the autonomous region of Galicia over opening the flight channel.


A Spanish city trying to increase tourism lost a direct flight connection with Israel over its symbolic support for boycotting the Jewish state, a Spanish newspaper reported.

The Spain branch of El Al for months had negotiated with tourist officials from the autonomous region of Galicia, in northern Spain, over opening a direct line between its capital, Santiago de Compostella, and Tel Aviv, but the talks failed following the passage in November of a nonbinding City Council motion in favor of boycotting Israel, La Voz de Galicica reported Wednesday.
Tourism is a major source of income in Galicia, where 18.2 percent of the workforce is unemployed, along with 43 percent of workers under 25. The local government has invested millions of euros into creating new jobs in the tourist sector and attracting international tourists to the region’s attractions – including the Catholic pilgrimage route known as the Way of St. James, which passes through Santiago. It attracts more than 250,000 pilgrims and tourists annually to Santiago.

Alejandro Sánchez-Brunete, a member of the Santiago City Council for the center-right Popular Party, accused the far-left party that won Santiago’s elections last year, Compostella Abierta, of sabotaging that effort by destroying talks on opening a direct connection with Israel.

“These talk were focused” and at advanced stages, Sanchez-Brunete said, and the motion “resulted in the loss of an aerial connection.”

An independent investigation of the affair by La Voz de Galicia, which included interviews with El Al officials, “produced clear indications that this is the case,” the newspaper reported.

Walter Wasercier, the director of El Al’s Spain operations, told the newspaper that he had personally pushed for opening the flight this summer, adding that El Al’s direct connection to Lisbon presented an opportunity to add Santiago


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