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UK: Men JAILED over putting bacon and English flag on the door handle of a mosque


This is not the first time. UK: British 18-year-old girl jailed for a year for putting a slice of bacon on the door handle of a mosque.
Bacon at a mosque? So what? Has the West so completely surrendered to Islam that a harmless prank can lead to a prison sentence? Sharia in the West.

Is this as bad as the axe attack on the German train? San Bernardino, Orlando, Garland, Paris, Brussels, Dhaka, New York, London, Madrid…. Is it as bad as the mother and her three daughters aged fourteen, twelve, and eight being stabbed for dressing “immodestly” whilst on holiday in their own country? The youngest victim life is fighting for her life. Or maybe it’s worse than the beheading of a ten year old in Syria last week?
Has the time come to target the British injustice system and the judiciary themselves?

People have every right to scorn an ideology that calls for slaughter of the non-believers, oppression, subjugation creed apartheid, gender apartheid.

“Men jailed over bacon tied to mosque,” BBC, July 20, 2016 (thanks to James):

Two men are jailed after rashers of bacon were tied to the door of a mosque and a St George’s flag was attached to its fence.

Kevin Crehan (left) and Mark Bennett were part of a group that targeted the mosque in January

Two men have been jailed and two women have been given suspended sentences after rashers of bacon were tied to door handles at a Bristol mosque.

During the incident on 17 January, the group shouted racial abuse at a member of the mosque and tied a St George’s flag to the fence of the Jamia Mosque.

Racial abuse? What race is Islam? It isn’t. It’s a supremacist ideology.

Kevin Crehan, 34, of Knowle, was jailed



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