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30 ways in which living in Israel has ruined you for life

An increasing number of countries think that visitors and temporary residents won’t be able to cope once they leave their idyllic setting. I took on the challenge. Idyllic? Ha, certainly not. But, will living in Israel ruin you for any other country in the world?

Certainly the answer is YES.

Why so, you may ask. That’s simply because:

1. In Israel it is socially acceptable to yell at people.
It’s an absolute norm. You don’t apologise when someone yells at you, you yell back at them. This is the way to establish mutual respect and consequently have a meal together, get to know their families and remain friends for life. Israelis are more prone to yell, because they are very honest and aren’t as passive-aggressive as people in the Western culture are.

2. Israel has the lowest prices for fresh produce in the world among developed countries.
Fruit and vegetables are seasonal and thus you can strike deals all throughout the year. Fresh produce is much cheaper than processed food so you end up eating healthier and your body shows it. You have amazing, shiny hair, beautiful, soft skin and strong nails, and, when you need a spa, you go to the Dead Sea.


3. It’s perfectly acceptable to join any party and invite yourself for food.
Grilling is extremely popular among Israelis, who are slightly obsessed with food. They will always invite you to their table and if they don’t, they will consider it a norm when you invite yourself!

4. Restaurants serve large portions of deliciously colourful salads, meats and cheeses for you to choose from.
Have you even gone to a restaurant, where you paid a lot for a very tiny meal? This is not the case in Israel.

5. The majority of restaurants are kosher. 

If you are an observant Jew this is very important. Every street is simply packed with places you can go to and eat freely. Some restaurants are not kosher, but many of these are vegan anyway so it doesn’t make much difference.

6. Amazing weather.
Ever been to the country where you have summer all year long, just in different parts? Even in winter, which only reasonably lasts around 3 months you can go either all the way south to Eilat, sit on the beach and swim with the dolphins or you can go to the Dead Sea where both the air temperature and water will allow you to walk around in your shorts and


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